How do you calculate the extra sales?

A sale is attributed to Sendmation if a customer completes their purchase within a 5 days period after the delivery of any outbound messaging to that customer (e-mail, push notification or SMS). For stores outside of the US, we will convert your extra sales from your primary currency into USD in order to determine the tier.

We also include sales from the discount code used in the automations( That’s why we encourage using unique codes for automations that are set by us ).

Do the automations and campaigns stop after someone completes a purchase?

Absolutely. Our smart auto stop technology ensures that as soon as a sale is made the sequence is stopped and the customer does not receive any further messaging.

Are there Long-Term Contracts?

Nope! We want you to stay with us because they are satisfied with additional orders and sales we are recovering for you, so if you are not happy, you can cancel at any time.

Is there a free trial period?

Yes, you can try the service free of charge for 14 days to assess its suitability. We highly recommend you upgrade to our Pro plan or starter plan as per your requirements for unrestricted earning potential.

If I’m on my paid trial period( Starter or Pro) will I get charged anything till the time the trial ends ?

If you’re on a paid trial, we will not charge you anything except charges for sms usage and recovery based amounts(free till you recover $500 from our app in starter, free till $2500 till you recover from our app in pro plan). Your monthly fees will not be charged unless the subscription starts.

I have a lot of sales, and I want a special plan.

Well, we can accommodate special requests, please contact support and we’ll make a custom plan if it’s feasible.

How can I contact the support ?

For any queries just click on the chat option on the right bottom of the screen and we'll answer you straight away. We take pride in giving A quality support, so we’ll be more than happy to help you.

Will I get a dedicated manager for my account ?

Yes, if you’re a pro user or a shopify plus account. We’ll give you a special dedicated manager who’ll be there at your service for your growth whenever you need him.

Can I get a quarterly, or a yearly plan ?

Yes, you can just contact support and our customer success managers will make sure you have everything that you need.